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Young Jai...  You 30 yrs old.. ? "I been Young forever. At 9 months mane, they say I was walking."

Craten Armmer,  J, Young Jai, JaiPro Miyagi,  lol.. As many names as he has, there's also a role associated with it. Native Memphian, JaiPro has been through and seen at all. "The Few Good Ones and Many That Are Fake."

The JaiPro you see today wasn't painted overnight. Growing up in Memphis, TN in the late 80's through the 90's, J grew up around the sounds of Memphis' underground rap scene. DJ Zirk, DJ Squeeky, Playa Fly, Al Kapone, 8-Ball & MJG and 3-6 Mafia all helped shape the mold of his sound. In the more Mainstream world Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle" album "will never collect dust on my shelf, Lol". Jai began his career as not only a Rapper, but by the age of 20 he had worked "hands on" in the Television Industry for over 6 years and had created his own music as early as 15 yrs old.  With Credits on different T.V. shows/commercials, 2 years at the #1 local news station and a nice self-produced array of beats, Jai sought after documenting a dance style, original to Memphis, "Memphis Jookin".  At the time JaiPro began his idea of documenting Jookin, the dance was very scarce, even in its birthplace of Memphis, Tennessee. In conjunction to documenting what some would call "the greatest dance ever", Jai also wanted to share his music with the world. 

While scouring the city for anyone Jookin, Jai was also working on his debut album, "The Memphis Makeover". After months of searching the city, Jai and his team of Lil Ant and DJ Wayne Da Mane were ready to film and setup the shoot around "The Southern Heritage Classic" weekend. "Out of the 20 guys I found, 4 came through.  I'm all out in Frazier, trying to pick niggas up. Lol."  DJ Sidewalker, who was met while filming at a Yo Gotti concert, Charles "Lil Buck" Riley, who was found by his sister, Liscious A., and Courtney from Hamilton High School, who brought King Keviorr, were the only 1s to show up.  They filmed small scenes that day and later were invited to a night Jookin Session by Keviorr.  After coming to that session, Jai met everyone who is a "major player" in the Jookin World you see now. G-Nerd, Daniel,  Rico, LaShonte Anderson, Black, Keviorr and Lil Buck. Since that connection of those people right there, the name "Jookin" would never be the same... In March of 2007 Jai released "Memphis Jookin Vol 1. in the streets/ internet, which also was the instrumental soundtrack to his debut album "The Memphis Makeover".

Jai followed the release of "MJV1" with the 1st "King and Queen of Memphis Jookin" event in April of 2007. After a lifetime of working, Young Jai finally released his first official album! With the success of both, Jookin was gaining a name in the World of Dance and Young Jai was finally getting to touch the world musically. With singles like "Where I'm At", "Choppin Like Dat" and "How We Gangsta Walk", "TMM" is definitely an album that will live forever. One of his most notable releases on the album was the song entitled "Wasted" produced by cousin "Lil A on the Track".  "After days of begging Alfred, at the time, to extent the beat and arrange the song differently, it was finished and the album was complete. Lil A was my fam, so I took him under my wing and tried to motivate him from sitting around the house all day." Shortly after the release of the single,  some believe the concept of the single was borrowed by other rappers. "But hey, that's the game we play, in this industry."  Since the releases of "Memphis Jookin Vol 1" and "The Memphis Makeover ", Jai has not looked backed. Through 2007 till 2011, he followed up "MJ1" with over 7 more dvd's showcasing the "Memphis Jookin" style. 

After reuniting with his cousin/producer of "Wasted", the next couple of years were focused on creating good music, building a sound, learning from each other, and connecting great artist in Memphis. In March of 2012, Young Jai and 2Fresh Ent. released "Art Official" which is digitally distributed by Island Def Jam. With an original sound unique to Memphis, "Art Official" is some of Jai's best work, yet.  Widely known for his involvement in the Jookin movement, on this album there are Jookin/Gangsta Walking anthems. Songs that have continued to evolve the dance, gangsta tracks that you can smoke a few to, and also tracks with a grown feel, for the more mature.

In present day 2014, Jai is working hard as Personal and Business Manager of the World Famous Dancer/Brother Lil Buck and continuing to create new music. After several issues between Jai and Lil A, they are no longer in the studio together, but Jai continues to create different ideas and concepts for his future productions.  Having 2 albums on ITunes and 1 unreleased 12 track album on the shelf, don't be surprised if you hear something new, sooner than you think.


Handy Park Show

Wasted Performance

Fedex Forum Performance

G-Nerd vs. Lil Buck Battle

Blowin Up My Phone - Young Jai (J) Jay Music

"Lil Ant" Memphis Jookin to "Aye Boo" Young Jai Music


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